Nmie: Extinction, Scattering and Absorption efficiencies of multilayer nanoparticles

Posted on Tue 11 May 2010 in Plasmonics • Tagged with electromagnetism, Free Software, Nanohub.org, Plasmonics, DDSCAT

nmie tool on Nanohub.org. This tool calculates the extinction, scattering, and absorption efficiencies of single nanoparticle (1 layer),core-shell nanoparticle (2 layer) and nanomatryushka nanoparticle (3 layer) using MIE formulation.

Since 2009, I have been a regular user of Nanohub.org. www.Nanohub.orgis a website that provides …

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Resources on Electromagnetics/Plasmonics/Nanophotonics

Posted on Tue 12 January 2010 in Plasmonics • Tagged with books, electromagnetism, FDTD, Free Software, Nanohub.org, photonics, Plasmonics

These are some resources on Electromagnetics/plasmonics/nanophotonics

I will maintain a list of free resources on electromagnetics, plasmonics, nanophotonics, optics and other related topics here. If any of you (readers) know any other free resources related to this topic, please let me know and I can add into these …

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